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LxS HPC are just finishing up the AMERICA LATIN leg of our WESTERN HEMISPHERE 2012 tour, and should be coming out with our dramatic CV in a few days.
Bogota: failed. Quito: expulsed. Lima: ejected. Santiago: kicked out. Buenos Aires: F´d. 

CHECK US OUT ON YOUTUBE! (jk jk lol omg)
& 'other':

& WE HAVE A NEW BLOG!]?¡!>ñHHemisfer tUrr 2012!

Koala Haus Biennial Birthday Party Abortion:
*5 gallons of The Artist's Urine
*Boring Beams/Semiotic Suspension
*Selfish Roommate Faery Tale
*Relationship Destruction Porn
*Maplans of the Konsept
*Zero-Sum Choreographic Faux


awurkInpRAWgreszz no.9 ix:,

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[otherwise] HPC: the Hu3RfN0s/pUt0s/Cr10s are one of the more active limbs of the conceptual nomadic art collective gROUPSELF, and are currently on tour of the western hemisphere.

ONTOLOGY: we are a queer-dada performance-terrorism ensemble, a laviscious monad-plural becoming-animal, the dregs of an illiterate textual inversion, the problem of a digital hybrid, the pre-apocalyptic mists of the past. INVENTORY: we bring an assemblage of religious structures, puppet diagrams, miniaturized ecologies of social fungi, the mask from tall greece to middle africa, hairy wild god armies in neon jumpsuits, massive revelationist genital paraphernalia, happy packing childhood detournment, the royal family's stolen garbage heaped into strange weapons, wet uncanny cthonic husks, base ideologies and naive dogmas, furious astonomical  mathematics paradigms, total poverty as pop universal, slobbery sex analyses, the mammaries of a textual understanding, concrete abstractions, street police ethics abnormalities around musical paste hate crimes, the obscene video game adaptations of boring perpetual rhizomes, and wastrel poetries in the wee nights. POSSIBILITY: we remix an environmental politics of cliches, drown the kittens of culture in pussy juice, gently purge the bourgeoisie of its noble roots, fight to fight, listen deaf, brood speculative children from the ripe pacha mama plant of the knowledge of good and evil, crucify lesbian messiahs on the same flaming tree, amplify the subterranean spread of constructive misinformation and castrate our powers to educate, ape nasty orgone accumulators of linguistic mimicry against syllogisms of eternal return. MACHINERY: we are not the self of our self, but: gay punk ink / drawing as deism / high-theory: low-art / anatomic flux / constant sign:signifier inversions / very plastic as plastic itself / no play / the complete exhaustive list of possibilities / tricks / body-without-orgasms /

*~*~*~*~*LxS   Hv3rfAnØs/pVtös/ÇrÏØs*~*~*~*~*



since being awarded this prestigious fellowship, the HPC have taken over its administration and are accepting rolling applications for the 2012b & 2013 rounds

A_Pseudo-Religious Infomercial (if you were present at one of the infomercial{s itterations and are interested in persuing a baptism, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us about this very important matter. we are always happy to induct you)
West Hemisphere "Americas" Tour 2012]\

(@collective work)

this is our band where we make noise music with construction workers.

Your Critical Analysis & Interpretation

Identity & Contact if U want

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